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Information on Workers' Compensation Laws

Any Texas employee injured in an accident that resulted in injuries which arose out of, or during the course of their employment are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. These benefits include both medical and income benefits if you are unable to work for more than 7 days following your injury.

There are numerous types of work related accidents that can cause injuries in a work environment. From falls to car accidents, forklift accidents to burns, injuries can result from almost any work activity. Resulting injuries can be mild to severe, ranging from back strains to fractures, head injuries to loss of limbs. Some injuries even result over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or cause a condition due to long term exposure, such as asbestos poisoning.

If you have been injured while working, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. To find out more, contact the workers' compensation attorneys at the Malaise Law Firm in Dallas for a free initial consultation to discuss your injury.

Filing for Workers' Compensation
Filing for workers' compensation benefits is one of the most important things you can do after being injured at work. Whether you were injured in a workplace accident or were recently diagnosed with an illness or injury that you believe resulted from your work environment or job duties, you may have the right to workers' comp benefits. You will need to inform your employer of what occurred, in writing, and will need to file a claim. An attorney at our Dallas office can help you from the very beginning of the process, assisting in you in properly filing your workers' compensation claim to ensure that your case is properly presented, with all appropriate information. Our team can also handle any issues that may arise, such as a denied claim or a dispute regarding its validity, requiring additional information or a hearing to resolve the issue. Click here to read more about filing for workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation accidents are fairly common in the San Antonio area. As an employee, you have certain rights that your employer must follow when reporting your claim. When filing for workers compensation, you can do it either verbally or in written form. However it is done, your employer is required to report your injury to their Workers' Compensation insurance company following your notice of injury. They are held to strict guidelines in ensuring your health in the workplace. Sending you to a doctor to examine and treat your injury is also required.

Unfortunately, in many cases your employer's insurance company does not always have your best interests in mind when it comes to providing you with the benefits and treatment you deserve following an injury. Your medical treatment may be shortchanged by medical staff being pushed by the insurance company to have you complete your treatment. You may feel you are not quite recovered or ready to return to work, yet the doctor is reporting that you can. This could lead to long term consequences for your health, depending on the type of injury you sustained. You may even have your workers' compensation claim denied due to your employer's report to the insurance company.

If you feel you did not receive the treatment you needed to handle your injury or were not provided with the benefits you believe you deserve, the Malaise Law Firm can assist you in protecting your legal rights. Take advantage of the wealth of information that is included on our site by clicking on any of the links listed to the left of the screen, or call us to talk to a lawyer directly about your case and concerns. You can learn more about workers' compensation and can find out about workers' comp denials to see what to do if your claim is not approved. You can also find out about your rights, such as the right to file a claim without fear of employer retaliation, such as demotion or wrongful termination for seeking the benefits you rightfully deserve. You can also learn about workers' comp fraud and how to avoid this to keep the claims process running smoothly.

Dallas Workers' Compensation Benefits

Texas workers' compensation laws can be complex. When injured at work, your top priority should be to recover from your injury in order to get back to health and be able to resume work. Trying to navigate complex paperwork and medical forms is not what you need at a difficult time such as this. Some injuries require complex investigations to determine whether another party might have been at fault for your injury, such as in a traffic accident. Or your case may be denied because of some missing information that only someone working on your behalf can get to the bottom of. The skilled workers' compensation lawyers at the Malaise Law Firm know exactly what to do to ensure you get the maximum benefits you deserve for your injuries. By contacting our worker's compensation lawyers, you can feel confident that you will have the expertise of a legal team with over 40 years combined experience in handling these types of claims.

Don't let your employer's workers' comp insurance determine what your benefits should be. Contact a Dallas workers' compensation lawyer at our firm to find out what you are entitled to.


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